Wonderful job to the whole cast!!!!

Most cast members have more then one part so look through the whole list.

Everyone will be singing the songs where the music states guys, girls, all, Wildcats,
Lava Springs Pool Boys and Girls, Talent Show Contestants, Makeover Artists, and cheerleaders

High School Musical 2 Cast List

Troy Bolton - Sarah Leder and Carter Cervantes
Chad Danforth - Ethan Graves
Zeke Baylor - Logan Freeman
Jack Scott - Rayan Benali and Ben Fontanez
Fulton - Alexia Ross and Kandace Croker
Gabriella Montez - Alex LaCombe and Kaylie Croker
Taylor McKessie -Avery Siebens and  Regine Ferguson
Martha Cox - Rebecca Terry and Isobel Cloudman
Kelsi Nielsen - Emmy Miles and Alee Cervantes
Sharpay Evans - Emily Thornton and Savannah Rodgers
Ryan Evans - Deven Henderson
Blossom - Kate Baker and Beckey Lin
Violet - Macie Warner and Akeelah Moore
Peaches - Macy Lane and Savoiya Davis
Ms. Darbus - Beckey Lin
Wildcats - ALL CAST
Lava Springs Pool Boys and Girls - ALL CAST
Makeover Artists - ALL CAST
Redhawks Player - Cheyenne Dimuro
Talent Show Contestants - ALL CAST
Tailors - Beckey Lin, Brianna Joiner, Addy Terry, Carly Thornton
Hairdressers - Maylanna Lauter, Macie Lane, Savoiya Davis, Addie Leder
Dermatologists - Kate Baker, Akeelah Moore, Cheyenne Dimuro
Sharpettes - Cheyenne Dimuro, Beckey Lin, Kate Baker, Macie Warner, Akeelah Moore, Savoiya Davis, Macy Lane, Addie Leder, Carly Thornton


Additional lines will be added during the camp. If you are interested in additional lines please let the director know during practice.