Important Information:
All cast members will be on stage singing all songs that are not solos. Please make sure you know each song before the first day of camp.
Names that are by themselves will be that character for both performances! Characters with two names will each perform the lead at one of the performances. All cast members are in both performances!!! Some names might be listed twice!!

We work to make sure all cast members have lots of staging time so each students and family member have a wonderful experience during the two weeks and performances.

Congratulations to every cast member and we look forward to seeing all of you July 10th

Millennium Musicians
The Little Mermaid Cast List 2017 Summer Camp

Sea Chorus – Whole Cast

Pilot – Serria Wulf

Sailors – All Boys

Prince Eric – D’montrae Harris / Ethan Graves

Grimsby – Isobel Cloudman / KJ Reid

Merfolk & Sea Creatures – Whole Cast

Seahorse – Whole Cast

King Triton – Devin Coward / Jakob Biskup

Sebastian – Anna Beal / Sarah Leder

Mersister Aquata – Rebecca Terry  

Mersister Andrina – Alyssa Brittain

Mersister Arista – Porsha Wulf

Mersister Atina – Beckey Lin

Mersister Adella – Ella Breitenstein

Mersister Allana – Addy May

Ariel – Emily Cloudman / Kaylie Croker

Flounder – Sophia Mercado / Gracie Holland

Scuttle – Amber Siegel / Alee Cervantes

Gulls – Whole Cast

Ursula – Alex LaCombe / Jaylie Barnes

Flotsam – Joshua Smith

Jetsam- Lydia Avery

Carlotta – Jasmine Smith

Chef Louis – Isabella Cook / Morgan Solomon

Chef – Joshua Smith

Lagoon Animals – Whole Cast

Princesses – Whole Cast