Wonderful job to the whole cast!!!!

Most cast members have more then one part so look through the whole list.

See you all this Tuesday at the read through practice at 6:00PM!!
Don't forget to bring your books, pencil, and highlighter. :)

Beauty and the Beast Cast List  
Narrator One – Hannah Brooks
Narrator Two – Isabella Cook
Narrator Three – Hannah Brooks
Narrator Four – Isabella Cook
Belle – Sophia Mercado/Gracie Holland
Maurice – Logan Freeman
Beast / Prince – Devin Coward/Ethan Graves
Gaston – D’Montrae Harris/Cecelia Labolita
Lefou – Deven Henderson/Kiana Kamp
Silly Girl One – Hannah Brooks
Silly Girl Two – Isabella Cook
Silly Girl Three – Porsha Wulf
Lumiere – Alex LaCombe/Sarah Leder
Cogsworth – Simone Stephenson/Alee Cervantes
Mrs. Potts – Emily Cloudman/Lydia Avery
Babette – Isobel Cloudman/Karissa Hanson
Madame De La Grande Bouche – Adelina May /Lily Stephenson
Chip – Kandace Croker
Old Beggar Woman / Enchantress - Chloe Staude
Monsieur D’Arque – Beckey Lin/ Chloe Staude
Servants – All cast sings
Villagers – All cast sings
Flatware – All cast sings
Wolves – Hannah Brooks, Isabella Cook

Aristocratic Lady – Porsha Wulf, Adelina May
Fish Man – Logan Freeman
Egg Man – D’Montrae Harris
Sausage Curl Girl – Cecelia Labolita, Beckey Lin
Baker – Deven Henderson, Lydia Avery
Candle Man – Sarah Leder, Kandace Croker
Lady with Cane – Tiylee Davis, Emily Cloudman
Hat Seller – Alee Cervantes, Claire Staude
Milk Maid – Karissa Hanson
Shepherd Boy – Alex LaCombe, Lily Stephenson
Lady with Baby – Alexis Webb, Simone Stephenson
Butcher – Isobel Cloudman, Kiana Kamp
Villager One – Choloe Staude
Villager Two – Hannah Brooks
Villager Three – Isabella Cook
Book Seller - Alee Cervantes